Through wholesome encouragement and motivational honesty, Janet has shown me how to hone in on specific goals and break them down into smaller pieces. And by analyzing these smaller pieces, I feel less fearful about propelling my life forward. She’s helped me to energize my life.
— Taryn S.
Janet has provided the foundation upon which I feel I can make meaningful growth and change in my life. The workshop I took has been the igniter I was looking for to fuel proactive movement in my life. The reading material and homework are something I know I will keep going back to re-read and refocus for long after the it’s over. Additionally, the group setting provides the assurance that whatever you are going through — you are not alone in your experience and your struggles are shared. Best experience!
— Elizabeth Morrison, LA Cleantech Incubator
I have had counseling for years so when I started working with Janet I thought I knew what to expect. However, I was blown away at the simplicity of her approach and how quickly her input helped me go beyond the surface to understanding what the real issues are that have been holding me back for most of my life. Janet has inspired me to create change and has given me real, tangible tools that have turned my way of thinking to make lasting change.
— E. E.

We all need fire under our butts...let me ignite the flame.